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Protection from inflationProblem

XGT Tokens will be linked to national average hourly wages, which have significant and stable growth with very low volatility.


XGT TOKEN Solution

GenXBank will offer various investment solutions for individuals and businesses, such as low-cost exchange-traded funds, trading, advisory, brokerage, custody and wealth management. Most of this services will be developed in-house using the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.


XGT Debit CardGoal

XGT tokens will be hyper-liquid and accessible 24/7 via the XGT debit card.

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GentleCoin Roadmap

NOWEcosystem building

Based on the favorite Cryptocurrency Club.

Quarter 2, 2019Open sale official of GentleCoin (XGT).

1 XGT = $0.02

Quarter 4, 2019 Release App & Wallet

Quarter 1, 2020 Trading Exchange

XGT will be an investor’s all inclusive wallet for all financial transactions.

November, 2020 In association with Financial Organization

In association with Financial Organizations in various financial jurisdictions around the world under the brand of the Banking Group GenXBank.

October, 2020 Cryptos Wealth Management

In association with an existing bank in Europe. Development and commissioning of GenXBank software products.

Quarter 3, 2020 Replease GenExchange

Released cryptocurrency exchanges. Allows exchange of all types of cryptocurrency.

Quarter 2, 2020Replease GenXBank App GenXBank supports interbank transfer and international payment.

Any user can easily exchange funds using online banking.

Token XGT Features

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    Alternative financial system

    As a blockchain-based form of private, time-based money, banks are made redundant, and transactions happen directly between people and businesses.

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    Multiple blockchains supported

    XGT tokens and will be created on EOS blockchains.

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    AUD/USD/EUR/GBP transactions

    XGT have stable prices in fiat currencies. They, therefore, allow users to transact while maintaining AUD/USD/EUR/GBP-measured values.

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    Stable tokens

    GentleCoin will issue XGT coins with stable value, protecting users from cryptocurrency's infamous volatility.

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    A decentralised ledger backbone and multiple security levels guarantee transparency and openness at all stages of Gentle(XGT) life cycle.


We share the opportunity to own GenExchange for everyone.
Our motto is better, faster, stronger because the market needs a crypto exchange which will not fail investors. GenExchange is built to withstand the existing and future crypto market. Its engine will be powerful as it will be elastic to expand according to demand. Our KYC process and withdrawals will be the fastest the market has ever seen.
Most Powerful Engine Among Crypto Exchanges
Fast KYC and Withdrawals
No Delays in Orders
Lower fees when paying with XGT Coin

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